Why me for your management coaching and consulting?

Management Coaching and consultancy is all about relating and relational conversations. Understanding you and your context, sensitive to your inner feelings and emotions, enhancing your self-awareness and accelerating your development.

My experienced understanding of a leader’s context, provides me with a strong foundation to mirror and (help you) to reflect.

After graduating as Bachelor in Business Administration and subsequently as Master in Public Administration (Political Science), I have been privileged to gain 22 years of global HR experience. During those years, I was able to travel the world (Europe, US, Middle East and Asia) and climb the ranks in corporate life. During those 22 years, I saw both the high tides and the deep financial crisis from the center of the storms. In my global HR roles, I was able to ultimately operate with several CEO’s, Board and Supervisory Board members. I have been exposed to the highest political leaders in the Netherlands and have dealt with many executive stakeholders.

All those years of experience have brought me not only a lot of insight into the large corporate world, but also showed me people’s pressures, emotions and the political arena that executive leaders have to face every day.

This means I can relate strongly to the external and internal organizational context, the socio-economic, cultural and political context as well as the (underlying) relationships between leaders, managers and their organization. 

Being an executive leader myself, I can relate to managers and leaders more than others can: For over 3 years now, I am leading a hard core front office business unit with a few hundred people of a large international financial institution, as regional head in the Netherlands. In this role, I have led several highly impactful restructurings. Within the sensitive political context of reorganizations, I have dealt with many internal and external stakeholders including media, regulators and supervisory authorities. This means that I, not only from an HR background but also from a leading decision making position in a true front office business, can strongly relate to you as manager and leader.

I have also experienced the other sides of life. This really made me pause, see the true value of things and more importantly of small things, small moments, true relationships and interactions with people. It made me realize that a beautiful picture is painted with multiple colours: the essence is to allow other colours to come in, blend and make someone more whole, more aware of all aspects of life.

This made me realize the importance of ‘standing still’: pausing, taking time-off and let new events, observations and experiences emerge.

As a coach, I offer you time and space, trust and reflection, with the goal to stand still and build momentum to accelerate..

In all my management coaching, I fully adhere to the ‘Ashridge Code of Conduct for Coaches’.